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Welcome to Dr. Magic Laser Eraser, your premier destination for expert tattoo removal. Our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team ensure precision in every session. Say goodbye to the past and unlock your skin’s potential with us, where satisfaction meets innovation. Discover the art of renewal at Dr. Magic Laser Eraser.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Overview

Laser tattoo removal is an exciting procedure that uses advanced technology to speed up the natural fading process carried out by your immune system. Unlike other methods like salabrasion, dermabrasion, excision, and more, laser tattoo removal is the only noninvasive procedure that can safely and effectively remove unwanted ink without causing permanent damage and unwanted side effects to the skin. Dr. Magic Laser Eraser in Blackfalds, Alberta uses innovative laser technology and safe laser protocols to deliver the best tattoo removal results throughout Alberta.

Why Choose Dr. Magic Laser Eraser?​

Dr. Magic Laser Eraser is Central Alberta’s superior choice for laser tattoo removal. Dr. Magic Laser Eraser is a physician-owned and operated clinic that aims to help Alberta residents remove their unwanted ink using advanced laser technology and safe, effective protocols. Our goal is to transform your tattoo and make you fall in love with your skin again!

Our expertly trained technicians received training from New Look Laser College, the world’s leading tattoo removal training program, and are designated Certified Laser Specialists and Laser Safety Officers. They have the experienced skill set to operate the cutting-edge Q-switched laser technology and use customized protocols for each patient to ensure the best removal or lightening treatment. Dr. Magic Laser Eraser is operated inside of Dr. Theo Kemp’s family physician practice at 5021 Parkwood Rd, Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0.

Fast Results

Our state of the art Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and Q-switched ruby laser technology delivers fast and flawless tattoo removal for all tattoo colors and all skin types.

Affordable Prices

We strongly believe that laser tattoo removal should be affordable for all patients. We provide competitive pricing, treatment packages, and discounted specials.

Personable Care

To ensure you feel comfortable throughout your entire treatment, we use the leading skin numbing solution to alleviate any discomfort associated with the laser.

The Astanza Trinity

The most powerful solution for full-spectrum tattoo removal. No matter your skin type or tattoo colours, Dr. Magic Laser Eraser can deliver amazing results! Our Astanza Trinity laser combines the power of two standalone lasers and produces three wavelengths for complete removal of all tattoo colours. For superior tattoo removal using the best technology, be sure to choose Dr. Magic Laser Eraser for your removal needs.

"With my extended certification, my passion is to create a pain free tattoo removal for each of my clients"

Dr. Theo Kemp
Doctor/ Certified Laser Specilist

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Dr. Magic Laser Eraser provides complimentary consultations and tattoo assessments for new and existing patients. We understand that laser tattoo removal is a commitment. Our consultations are designed to educate you about the procedure and make you feel 100% comfortable and confident before proceeding with treatment.

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Contact our clinic in Blackfalds, Alberta today and our staff will gladly book an appointment and time that suits your schedule.

Fully Confidential

Your privacy is very important to us, therefore, a confidentiality agreement is always signed at the outset of treatment. Our warm and inviting clinic also provides a private environment for all of our patients.