Dr. Magic Laser Eraser provides cost-effective laser tattoo removal for every patient’s budget. Best of all, our consultations are FREE! During your consultation, a laser technician will assess the character/pattern of your tattoo and that determines the price for each removal session.

Tattoo Sizes

*The following chart shows each sizes of tattoo that Dr. Magic Laser Eraser use as a guideline. *Remember this not the only factor used to determine our price!

Extra Small
Up to 1"x1"
  • The size of a postage stamp or smaller
Up to 3"x3"
  • About the size of a business card
Up to 5"x5"
  • About the size of your palm
Up to 7"x7"
  • About the size of both hands placed together
Extra Large
From 7" & Up
  • Half Sleeves & Bigger


3-Treatment Package
10% Off
5-Treatment Package
15% Off
10- Treatment package
20% Off
Referral Discount
Referring A Friend
10% Off
  • *Must be an Existing Client
BOGO Discount
Complete Removal Of A Second Tattoo
10% Off
  • *Must be an Existing Client
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